EBMUD’s water system delivered continuous service amid unprecedented power shutoff

Customers may resume normal water use as EBMUD facilities are switched back to PG&E power 

OAKLAND –EBMUD returned to normal operations of its facilities on Friday, October 11, after PG&E ended its preemptive power shutoff and turned power back on in the East Bay. With backup generators and pumps staged at critical facilities, the EBMUD water system delivered continuous water service with no interruptions or changes to water supplies or water pressure.

EBMUD asked customers in pressure zones affected by the power shutoff to minimize water use to extend water supplies in local water storage tanks. Customers may now resume normal water use.

During the power shutoff, 140 facilities, including two water treatment plants, pumping plants and local water storage tanks, relied on backup power or pumps. Leasing backup generators cost $400,000 plus $75,000 in fuel expenses.  

EBMUD appreciates the cooperation from customers to minimize water use during this unprecedented event and reminds all Bay Area residents to always store emergency water supplies. More information on how to store emergency water is available at: ebmud.com/customers/pipeline/2019/10/storing-emergency-water/.