EBMUD partners with 41 East Bay hardware stores to find and fix leaky toilets

No doubt the drought continues this month. With water supplies dropping and the chance of rain dwindling, East Bay Municipal Utility District is out to stop water waste where it can this spring.

From March 16 through March 22, EBMUD wants customers to fix the most common source of indoor water waste – leaky toilets. The district will partner with 41 East Bay hardware and plumbing supply stores to make free toilet tank leak detection tabs available to customers as part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual national Fix a Leak Week campaign. (See store locations here.)

When EBMUD water conservation experts visit customer homes, they find that nearly one in four has a leak. The most common culprit of indoor leaks is toilets. The average EBMUD household uses about 250 gallons per day; a bad toilet leak can waste 200 gallons of water.

“Even our most conscientious customers who conserve water daily may have leaky toilets. It’s normal for plumbing parts to wear out,” said Manager of Water Conservation Richard Harris.

The non-toxic, easy-to-use, blue dye tabs should be placed in toilet tanks. If there is a leaky flapper, within 15 minutes the tabs will turn the water in the toilet bowl blue.

Free dye tabs will be available at participating hardware store registers and counters throughout Fix a Leak Week. After March 22, customers can request free dye tabs at ebmud.com, by calling 866-403-2683, or by visiting EBMUD Water Conservation at 375 11th Street in Oakland during normal business hours.

“We believe that anyone who is willing to check their toilet tanks for leaks is willing to fix them,” said Harris. “Fixing a leaky toilet is a simple and inexpensive way to stop water waste during this drought.”