Water Supply Management Program 2040 Economic Analyses

The following documents were referenced as part of the economic analysis:

  • Spectrum Economics (1991). “Cost of Industrial Water Shortages: Preliminary Observations.”
  • Center for Regional Economy (2006). “East Bay Water Sources and a Pilot Study of User Response to a Potential Supply Disruption.”
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (2007). “Measures to Reduce the Economic Impacts of a Drought-Induced Water Shortage in the SF Bay Area.”
  • MHB Consultants, Inc. (1994). “The Economic Impact of Water Delivery Reductions on the San Francisco Water Department’s Commercial and Industrial Customers.
  • Brozovic, Nichols, et al. (2006). “Estimating Business and Residential Water Supply Interruption Losses from Catastrophic Events.”
  • RAND (1996). “Drought Management Policies and Economic Effects in Urban Areas of California, 1987-1992.”

Consultant Memorandums


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