Summit Reservoir Replacement

Summit Reservoir, Kensington & Berkeley

Summit Reservoir, Kensington & Berkeley

EBMUD recently replaced the old Summit Reservoir and Shasta-Woods Pumping Plant located on the  Berkeley/ Kensington border. Construction included replacing the old 37 million gallon, open-cut Summit Reservoir with a smaller 3.5 million gallon concrete water tank to improve water quality, meet current water demands and enhance our operations. The Shasta-Woods Pumping Plant was also replaced as part of this project and landscaping, a new perimeter path on Grizzly Peak and a new perimeter fencing were also added.

Workplan and schedule

Though all construction is now complete, you will see EBMUD staff onsite intermittently. We thank you for your patience as we worked to complete this complex and needed project.


Contact information

Community Affairs
Phone: 510-287-7208
Emergencies or after-hours, call EBMUD 866-403-2683


Published studies and other resources


The Draft EIR, design illustration, and video showing the preferred design alternative are available below. The Final EIR includes both the Draft EIR and Responses to Comments.