South East Bay Plain Basin Groundwater Management

Groundwater storage, in addition to conservation, recycling, supplemental supplies from the Freeport Project and desalination could provide a modest amount of locally available water to help reduce the need for rationing during dry years.

The South East Bay Plain groundwater basin is located along the east bayshore, and includes the first phase of EBMUD's Bayside Groundwater Project Phase 1 in San Lorenzo.

To safeguard this valuable basin, EBMUD led the effort to develop the South East Bay Plain Basin Groundwater Management Plan. The plan was created in collaboration with private and public stakeholders who recognize the importance of local groundwater resources and envision using groundwater for current and future water supply needs. Stakeholders included cities, special districts, private parties and regulatory agencies.

EBMUD's Board of Directors adopted the South East Bay Plain Basin Groundwater Management Plan on March 26, 2013. Other stakeholders have been asked to adopt the plan, and may do so in the near future. Plan implementation allows for the management, protection, and enhancement of groundwater resources for all stakeholders, in a sustainable manner for current and future generations.

Contact Information

Brad Ledesma, Groundwater Resources Coordinator
Water Supply Improvements Division
Phone: 510-287-1053

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