Sobrante Water Treatment Plant Ozone Improvement Project

EBMUD's Sobrante Water Treatment is undergoing upgrades to improve ozone water treatment abilities for greater system reliability and improved taste and smell of water when operational changes are made throughout the year to meet water demands of the community.

The Sobrante Water Treatment Plant is one of six water treatment plants in our East Bay service area. In service since the 1960's, the Sobrante plant is one of the major water treatment plants in our local system and operates continually throughout the year. The project is necessary to replace aging infrastructure, provide required maintenance, and increase the treatment plant's reliability. All treatment plant work is occurring within EBMUD property.


The Sobrante Water Treatment Plant Upgrade project includes the replacement of the existing air-fed ozone systems with a larger, more reliable, and more efficient liquid oxygen-fed systems. Work also includes installation of new liquid oxygen tanks, new ozone generators and power supply units, ozone destruct units, new hydrogen peroxide storage and feed systems, new heating and ventilation systems for the ozone building, and new control system cables and conduits.

Construction began in summer 2017 and will be completed in spring 2019. Typical work hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Testing of the new ozone system was completed in Fall 2018, and the only remaining work activities at the site are completion of a security system upgrade, and miscellaneous cleanup and closeout-related tasks. There should be minimal neighborhood impacts during completion of the remaining work. 


Sharla Sullivan, Community Affairs
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