Pump Station M Rehabilitation

Pump Station M Rehabilitation project Project Map_573Project Details

EBMUD will be upgrading an underground wastewater pump station and a pipe beneath the San Leandro Channel that service Bay Farm Island in Alameda. The pump station is over 40 years old, and much of the equipment is nearing the end of its useful life.  This work will protect public health and the environment, and will ensure smooth sewer operations for decades to come.

Construction at the pump station will take place within and around EBMUD’s property at the intersection of Robert Davey Jr. Drive and Packet Landing Road. During construction, an AC Transit bus stop on Robert Davey Jr. Drive will be closed and some parking on adjacent roads will be temporarily blocked. EBMUD will install a new crosswalk at the beginning of construction to facilitate uninterrupted pedestrian access around the construction site.

Exploratory work will also take place along the San Leandro Channel shoreline (see “Pipeline access point” on the map). 

Workplan and schedule

Construction at the pump station will begin September 2021 and continue until summer 2023. Work along the San Leandro Channel shoreline may necessitate a temporary detour of the shoreline path and will last approximately one month between June and October 2022. Schedule is subject to change.

Contact Information

Ben Glickstein, Community Affairs Representative
Email: ben.glickstein@ebmud.com
Phone: 510-287-1631

After-hours dispatch: 800-403-2683