Madrone regulator improvement project


Madrone Regulator improvement project

EBMUD will soon conduct improvements at the Madrone Regulator on Balmoral Dr. to improve accessibility to the facility for EBMUD staff. The work includes removal of dying trees, remodel of the shed structure, paving, minor mechanical and electrical work and site improvements. This is in preparation of the demolition of the Madrone Reservoir on Balmoral Dr. and Palo Seco Pumping Plant improvements on Rubin Dr. and Robinson Dr. in spring 2022. This is part of a greater effort to improve facilities in the area and continue to ensure delivery of safe and reliable drinking water to your home.

Work on the Madrone Regulator is scheduled to begin in June 2021 to be completed early next year. Typical work hours are Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Schedule is subject to change.

What to expect:

EBMUD staff will be working at the site off and on through early next year resulting in an increase in noise and presence of equipment/machinery at the project site. Work will start with remodeling of the structure and improving mechanical and electrical components of the regulator. In the fall, removal of dying trees and paving to improve site accessibility will take place. This work will not cause an interruption in your water service.


Future related projects:

  • Madrone Palo Seco Pumping Plant pipeline replacement- September 2021- January 2022
  • Madrone Reservoir demolition- spring 2022
  • Madrone and Palo Seco Pumping Plant rehabilitation- spring 2022- spring 2024


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