Mokelumne Aqueduct System Routine Maintenance Project

Project location 

AqueductPhoto.jpgThe Mokelumne Aqueducts originate at EBMUD’s Pardee Reservoir in the Sierra Foothills and extends from the West Portal in Campo Seco for 82 miles through the Central Valley, along the Calaveras River and the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, to the East Portal facility in the EBMUD service area in the East Bay. From the East Portal facility there are a number of East Bay aqueducts for conveying raw water to the water treatment plants and terminal reservoirs, which span an additional 18 miles through the East Bay. The Project area includes maintenance sites along the 100-mile aqueduct system alignment and adjacent waters within the 100-foot-wide EBMUD right-of-way.

Project details

The Project involves the routine maintenance of aqueduct system facilities at access road and aqueduct stream crossing locations. Access roads are critical to repairs, maintenance, and operations of the aqueducts and maintenance activities provide for safe travel on the access roads at stream crossings, while ensuring adequate drainage for ditches, swales and other watercourses. Routine maintenance of the access road stream crossings is ongoing due to changing conditions resulting from weather events, deterioration of culverts and normal use. Routine maintenance work is also required due to deterioration of culverts, headwalls and/or weather conditions that could affect the integrity of the aqueduct pipelines. Proposed maintenance activities include sediment and debris removal; vegetation management; maintenance and repair or replacement of culverts, roads, and other structures; and bank and levee repair and erosion protection. Routine maintenance activities occur every one to five years in the stream zones of the aqueduct system alignment depending on location and maintenance needs.


Key milestones for project implementation are summarized as follows:

  • Complete Environmental Review – December 2019
  • Public Review of MND – December 13, 2019  – January 13, 2020   
  • EBMUD Board of Directors to consider adoption of Final MND – May 12, 2020
  • Begin Maintenance Work – June 2020

Published Studies and Other Resources