Almond Reservoir Replacement Project

Almond Reservoir Replacement projectEBMUD will be upgrading the water facilities in your neighborhood as part of the Almond Reservoir Replacement Project. This project will help improve water quality and water service reliability in the area and include the following elements:

  1. Replace  the existing open-cut Almond Reservoir, located opposite 18083 Lamson Road, with two new pre-stressed concrete tanks within the existing reservoir basin.
  2. Replace the existing Proctor Pumping Plant, located on the same Almond Reservoir site with a new pumping plant.
  3. Retrofit the existing Almond Rate Control Station (RCS), located at the north-west corner of Somerset Avenue & Stanton Avenue intersection.
  4. Construct a new RCS/Regulator near the intersection of Heyer Avenue & Cull Canyon Road.
  5. Rehabilitate and eventual demolition of Cull Creek Reservoir, located near 19600 Cull Canyon Road.

Workplan and schedule

Staff is currently completing the project planning phase. Design is scheduled for summer 2018 through summer 2020, followed by construction in summer 2020 through fall 2022. Construction hours will be Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Laura Luong, Community Affairs Representative
Phone: 510-287-0140

Contractors: For bid opportunities on EBMUD projects, see Business center.

Published studies and other resources

Environmental documentation with additional information is listed below.