WaterSmart plants

Thriving garden converted in 2016 - voted Most Colorful

Thriving garden converted in 2016 - voted Most Colorful

What are WaterSmart Plants?

  • Beautiful plants that thrive in our wet winters and dry summers
  • Water misers that require little to no water, once established
  • Plants that attract pollinators and support wildlife, and resist disease and pests

Plant Lists

EBMUD Plant Book

Let EBMUD's beautiful, award-winning plant book inspire you to do great things with your garden. You can also view and search by plant type (i.e. shrub, tree, perennial), name, genus, or by generic garden terms, such as "flower" or "path". 

Low-Water Use Plants

To get you started on creating a water-efficient garden, print this short-list of plants recommended by EBMUD's Landscape Advisory Committee.

UC Davis Arboretum All-Stars

Use the All-Stars database to find the right plants for your garden. Arboretum staff selected and field tested out these 100 "all stars" found to work well in our area, even under difficult conditions. 

Right Plant for the Right Place

StopWaste provides plant selection tipsplant lists, and information about nurseries that offer plants appropriate for our local conditions.

Native Landscape Planting Guide and Design

Use this beautiful and easy to use guide to take the guesswork out of designing your garden. Choose one of the garden designs and then select the recommended native plants for the particular design.  These plants were carefully chosen for this area by the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. (For a printer-friendly version click here).

Outstanding Plants for Alameda County

These colorful plant lists highlight species and varieties that will perform exceptionally well and look beautiful. These plants were designed by Master Gardeners for those seeking to conserve water, reduce pesticide usage and attract wildlife to their gardens.

Plant Search

Calscape - Search by Location

Use this online tool to find locally native low-water use plants, use advanced search to narrow down results based on your garden conditions, learn about growing requirements for each plant, and find nurseries that carry your selected plants. This database is hosted by the California Native Plant Society. 

How Much Water? (WUCOLS)

Discover the water needs of your plants, or make a list of low-water use plants in the WUCOLS database. The database catalogs over 3,500 plants commonly found in California landscapes.  To do the same search with a database that includes plant photos, use WaterWonk

Where to Find Plants

These nurseries below have dedicated low-water use plant sections, making it easy to choose your plants.  Keep an eye out for plants with the WaterSmart tag!

Plants to Avoid

Priority Invasive Garden Plants and Alternatives

Some plants aggressively spread beyond the garden and into neighboring open spaces, negatively impacting the local ecosystem.   Make the best choices for your garden or landscape project. Find beautiful and hardy alternatives to invasive plants.

Don't Plant a Pest! Bay Area

More resources from the California Invasive Plant Society on alternatives to invasive plants, sorted by region. Use it help your next garden or landscape project.

Rebate 'Do Not Plant' List

List of high-water plants that will disqualify you from receiving a lawn conversion rebate.

WaterSmart Gardener

EBMUD's resource center for outdoor water conservation. 

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