WaterSmart Home Survey Kit

Watersmart Home Survey Kit

Evaluate your household’s water use to search for the most common household leaks and inefficient fixtures. The kit includes a worksheet, dye tabs, a flow-meter bag, and instructions. Order now! 

  • Learn how to read your water meter and test for leaks.
  • Indoors, you will check water-using fixtures and appliances, and measure faucet and showerhead flow rates.
  • Outdoors, you will check irrigation hardware and watering schedules.

Return your results to EBMUD and receive, if needed, free water-saving devices such as showerheads, faucet aerators, or low-flow garden hose nozzles.

Teachers and parents

Classroom Materials

The Home Survey Kit is a great take-home activity to augment water education curricula and classroom materials for students in upper elementary grades and high school.