Residential on-site water surveys

On-site water survey

EBMUD's personalized pointers help customers save water indoors and in the landscape.

After completing a WaterSmart Home Survey, residential customers can call to make an appointment for a free water survey. By implementing survey recommendations, customers may see significant water savings.

EBMUD representatives test showerhead and toilet flow rates and help locate leaks. EBMUD offers showerheads and faucet aerators free of charge if existing fixtures are not low-flow models. Outdoors, the representative assesses the landscaping, irrigation system, and watering schedules, and provides recommendations to improve water use efficiency.

Residential surveys can help multi-family property owners and managers locate leaks and identify water efficiency upgrades.

To qualify for this free service, single-family residential customers must complete a WaterSmart Home Survey and return a Home Survey Worksheet to EBMUD.

Schedule a residential water survey

  1. Contact us for a WaterSmart Home Survey Kit
  2. Email form to
  3. An EBMUD representative will call you to schedule an onsite appointment.
For properties with more than four dwelling units, please contact EBMUD first to schedule a survey appointment.

Questions? Call 1-866-403-2683.