Services & tools

Reach out to EBMUD's conservation experts who offer an array of services and tools to help you reach your water-efficiency goals.  

My Water Portal

Personalized recommendations and an interactive web portal help you manage water use. Set up leak alerts, download your water history, and more. 


Learn how your home and landscape use water, and find out where to cut back. 

Home Survey Kit

Evaluate your household’s water use to search for the most common household leaks and inefficient fixtures. The kit includes a worksheet, dye tabs, a flow-meter bag, and instructions. Order now! 

EBMUD's free on-site indoor and landscape water use surveys provide customized information on how to save water and money.

Conservation services, rebates, tips for saving water, and recent legislation pertaining to HOAs and landscaping. 

Customer Authorization to Share Water Use Information

Use the form below to authorize your landscape contractor or other third party to receive account information that will help you manage your water consumption. Fill out the form below and mail it to EBMUD.

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Customer authorization form PDF <1 MB