Landscape rebate program

EBMUD's Landscape Rebate Program supports the creation and maintenance of beautiful, water-wise gardens that thrive on less water during California’s dry summers and even in times of drought.

How to get started

Step 1. Choose your rebate: Lawn conversion rebate and/or Irrigation equipment rebate

Step 2. Carefully review details in the program brochure and application form. Send to or by mail. 

Step 3. Wait for EBMUD's site visit or written approval before beginning work

Step 4. Visit our Lawn to Garden Design Center for tools to get started on your project!

Step 5. Complete your project! You have 6 months from the written approval date to complete your project and schedule a post-inspection.

Lawn Conversion Rebate

Who can apply?

 To be eligible for the lawn conversion rebate, you must have an existing and maintained lawn in place at the time of the required EBMUD pre-inspection. Rebates are not retroactive.  

How much is the rebate?

  • The rebate is $0.75 per square foot of lawn converted to sustainable landscaping.
  • During any 24-month period, rebate amounts may not exceed $2,000 for residential and multi-family properties (with 4 units or less), and $15,000 for commercial and large residential properties.

Irrigation Equipment Rebate

Click here for a printer-friendly summary of the available rebates.

  • Drip Conversion - Convert sprinklers to drip irrigation. 
  • High-Efficiency Nozzles - Replace conventional sprinkler nozzles with high-efficiency rotating models. 
  • Self-Adjusting Controllers - Replace conventional irrigation timers with smart models. 
  • Irrigation Pressure Regulator - Install a system-wide brass/bronze pressure regulator.
  • Irrigation Submeter - Install a submeter to improve leak detection and manage your water use.

Who can apply? 

  • To be eligible for the rebate, you must have an existing and maintained irrigated system in place at the time of the EBMUD pre-inspection. Eligibility varies based on the equipment type.
  • If you have recently purchased and already installed qualifying equipment, you are eligible for a maximum rebate of $100 IF the purchase receipt is also within 90 days of the application date.

How much is the rebate?

  • Rebate amounts vary, for detailed rates refer to page 4 of the application. Rebates are limited up to the purchase cost on the original receipt or contractor's invoice.
  • During any 24-month period, rebate amounts may not exceed $2,000 for residential and multi-family properties (with 4 units or less), and $15,000 for commercial and large residential properties.


Irrigation Equipment Resources

Verify that the sprinkler equipment you wish to install is included in a qualifying list.

Frequently Asked Questions

All rebates that, individually or in combination, total $600 or more in a tax year require submittal of a W-9 form to the District prior to payment. All personal information provided within the W-9 are kept confidential in accordance with the Privacy Act. If your total rebate amount is $600 or more, you will receive a 1099 form to comply with Internal Revenue Service requirements. The determination of whether your rebate is taxable or not may depend on several variables. You are recommended to contact your tax professional.

Download the W-9 tax form at:

We offer six rebates. 

  1. Convert high water use lawns to sustainable landscaping.

  2. Convert areas using sprinklers to in-line drip irrigation.

  3. Replace conventional sprinkler nozzles with high-efficiency rotating models.

  4. Replace conventional irrigation timers with self-adjusting models.

  5. Install pressure regulators to improve system-wide performance.

  6. Install sub-meters to improve leak detection and irrigation efficiency.

  • Lawn and drip conversions already completed.
  • Installing new irrigation systems.
  • Replacing lawn with high water-use and invasive plants.
  • Replacing lawn with artificial turf or plastic weed barrier.
  • Replacing lawn with sod or "no-mow" grass.

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