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Frequently asked questions


EBMUD-served households may qualify for additional turf replacements rebates from the State Department of Water Resources. Learn about the additional incentives available, program requirements, and how the state program works in conjunction with EBMUD's program. 

Yes. EBMUD will rebate 50 cents per square foot, and the state will rebate $1.50 per square foot. Lawn removed must meet the eligibility criteria.

No. Make sure to apply to each rebate program separately. 

No. Rebates from the state and EBMUD are not retroactive and projects completed prior to application approval are not eligible for rebates from the state or from EBMUD. Please do not start your project until you receive your project approval. 

  • The state rebate program is offered to single-family residential properties only. 
  • EBMUD offers lawn conversion rebates to qualifying single-family residential, multi-family residential and commercial customers.
  • The state will rebate up to 1,000 square feet and up to $1,500 per household in the EBMUD service area.
  • The EBMUD residential rebate is limited to $2,500 per property within a 24-month period for all EBMUD landscape rebate offers combined. EBMUD offers 5 other landscape irrigation rebates.

No, there are important differences to keep in mind when applying for both programs: 

  • The state will rebate grass (dead or alive).
  • EBMUD will only rebate replacement of existing irrigated lawn. If you have stopped watering because of the drought, eligibility for the EBMUD rebate is based on evidence that the area to be converted was irrigated in the recent past.
  • For the state rebate, after receiving reservation approval notice, you will have 120 days to complete your project and submit the rebate application form. 
  • For the EBMUD rebate, after receiving approval notice, you will have six (6) months to complete your project and notify the EBMUD Water Conservation Office of project completion.

No, there are some important differences to keep in mind when planning and implementing your lawn conversion, specifically: 

  • State tree requirement: The state program requires that customers plan to include one tree, either new or existing, in the conversion project area. There is no tree requirement for the EBMUD rebate.
  • Decomposed granite: The state rebate limits decomposed granite to 25 percent of the total project square footage; EBMUD’s allows permeable hardscape (including decomposed granite) in up to 50 percent of the project square footage.
  • Mulch: EBMUD customers must apply a minimum of three inches of mulch on soil surfaces; the state program has no minimum depth for mulch. EBMUD does not permit rubber bark mulch while the state program allows it.

To learn more about the rebates available to you, visit Save Our Water rebates and EBMUD's Water Smart Center.