WaterSmart Partners

WaterSmart EBMUD_Partner Bug.pngA WaterSmart Partner distinction is awarded to businesses, organizations, agencies, or individuals that have championed water conservation or efficiency in their mission and through their actions in partnership with the District.

WaterSmart Partners are chosen by a District committee of water conservation experts. The nomination criteria includes the following elements:

  • Diversity in water conservation actions or measures
  • Diversity among industries and sectors represented
  • Diversity in background, impact and scale
  • Replicability of water conservation measures or actions

WaterSmart Partners 2019_cropped.jpg

This new recognition program, launched in 2018 is honored to present the first Partner awards to the following entities:

Alameda County Green Business Program

Green Business logo.pngThe Alameda County Green Business program has been a strong Partner of the District’s water conservation program through their promotion of the District’s WaterSmart Certification program. Both programs recognize businesses for resource efficiency so the Partnership was a natural one. Learn more at www.greenbusinessca.org.



UC Master Gardener Program of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Master Gardeners logo.jpgThe Master Gardeners have been providing low water use plant advice and information to Alameda and Contra Costa residents for years. They have also partnered with the District to manage the Richmond Dry Garden, a unique water efficient demonstration garden. The Master Gardeners are restoring the garden to its full and former glory. Learn more at http://ccmg.ucanr.edu



ReScape California

Rescape CA logo.pngReScape CA is an advocate and expert for sustainable landscapes by providing educations resources including videos and brochures about landscaping with low water use plants. They also maintain a list of ReScape CA Qualified Professionals who can help homeowners with sustainable landscaping. More information can be found at www.rescapeCA.org.



Stopwaste logo.pngThrough their Lawn to Garden website, StopWaste promotes the conversion from lawn to low water use garden through sheetmulching. Their detailed instructions on how to sheetmulch with videos, helpful tips, resources and information shows home owners, businesses and schools from the District’s Lawn Conversion Rebate how to best start their landscaping project. More information can be found at www.lawntogarden.org.