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All in-person surveys are temporarily on hold in response to COVID-19. Water Conservation staff are doing our best to continue offering services during this time and are available for phone consultations.

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Participating organizations learn how to reduce operating costs and how to obtain rebates for water efficiency improvements. EBMUD staff complete a water use assessment, recommend cost-effective water-saving measures and provide resources for water-efficiency upgrades.

Certified applicants will receive:

  • Name displayed at EBMUD downtown Oakland building
  • An award presented at a ceremony with EBMUD Board of Directors
  • Use of the digital WaterSmart logo
  • A WaterSmart Certified logo window decal
  • Marketing in EBMUD publications including e-newsletter, brochures and advertisements
  • Invitations to free networking events 

Spotlight on WaterSmart organizations

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How to obtain certification

Site water use survey

This is a free service provided by EBMUD. An EBMUD Water Conservation staff member will perform assessments of water use in offices and retail trade, food service and hospitality, cleaning and wash down, cooling, industrial process and landscape irrigation. Water consumption history is analyzed and recommendations made for water efficiency improvements.

A landscape irrigation water budget will be calculated to benchmark outdoor water use. Business personnel needed to complete the site assessment may include a property owner or manager, a facility's operations or plant manager, a plant engineer, or a landscape maintenance contractor. A report will be provided upon survey completion.


Sites meeting certification criteria will be certified as WaterSmart or EBMUD staff will notify the organization of needed measures to qualify. Where water-efficiency improvements are needed, the organization may utilize applicable EBMUD financial incentives.

WaterSmart certification documents

Document Type Size
WaterSmart Criteria PDF 1.5 MB
WaterSmart Fillable Application PDF <1 MB

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