EBMUD's commercial rebates can help you save both water and money.  

Commercial Clothes Washer Rebates

Save water, energy, and money with a high-efficiency clothes washer rebate of up to $125 per qualifying washer.

Landscape Rebate Program

Get up to $15,000 for converting lawns and upgrading irrigation equipment at commercial sites and multi-family residences of 5 or more units.

Commercial Irrigation Rebates and Services

Information, surveys and rebates for all large-landscape customers in the EBMUD service area.

Customized Rebates

Your business or institution may be eligible for a customized rebate on the purchase of any equipment or hardware change that improves water efficiency.

Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzle Program

For a limited time, EBMUD will replace high-water use spray nozzle(s) with water-efficient models that can save you water and money. For restaurants, institutions, and commercial facilities.

Water Broom Rebate

Your business or institution may qualify for rebates up to $150 on the purchase of a WaterSmart High-Efficient Water Broom.