Water & Wastewater

EBMUD produces about 2.5 billion eight-ounce glasses of clean, crisp mountain water for East Bay customers every 24 hours.

Since 1951, the District has protected the San Francisco Bay by providing wastewater treatment for 650,000 customers and helping businesses and residents keep pollutants from reaching the bay.

From snowflake to the bay

EBMUD captures snowmelt from the Mokelumne River and collects it at Pardee Reservoir, 90 miles east of the Bay Area. Thoughtful planning, infrastructure maintenance and improvements, water conservation and water recycling all help ensure a dependable water supply now for today's customers and for the future.

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Protecting the San Francisco Bay

The main goal of wastewater treatment is an important one: to protect public health and the environment. To do this, wastewater treatment plants collect and treat sewage. EBMUD's plant does even more. It transforms sewage and other organic wastes into recycled water, nutrient-rich soil conditioner and green energy.

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EBMUD is here to help.

For questions about the water system, water supply, wastewater treatment or pollution prevention, call 1-866-403-2683 or email custsvc@ebmud.com.