WaterSmart Business Certification Program

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Congratulations to the East Bay's 2013 WaterSmart Certificate recipients!

The EBMUD Board of Directors recognized eleven businesses and institutions for outstanding water use efficiency in 2013. Each business worked with EBMUD to assess their water use, implement water saving measures at their facilities, and make ongoing water management a priority. These EBMUD customers reduced their combined annual water use by more than 25 million gallons in 2012. Saving water translates into thousand of dollars in water costs saved. Together they saved enough to supply the indoor water needs for 346 families for an entire year.

As water issues have risen to the forefront of public consciousness throughout the nation, these businesses are taking the lead in water conservation. These businesses also found that water conservation doesn't mean drastically cutting back and affecting business but rather only using water that is needed in an efficient manner. Additionally, as these businesses learned, water efficiency doesn't have to be complicated or expensive; making small changes in infrastructure such as aerators or reducing watering times for landscape can yield great results.

WaterSmart Business Certification Success Stories

Clif Bar, Berkeley

A walk through Clif Bar’s headquarters in Emeryville quickly reveals evidence that this company is deeply committed to sustainable practices. Their efforts to save water resulted in EBMUD awarding Clif Bar the WaterSmart Business Certification Award for outstanding water conservation. Since moving to a new facility, they have reduced their water usage by 2 million gallons annually.  That is a 66% decrease from usage at their previous facility. Even with this large savings under their belt, Clif Bar went further by retrofitting their new facility with aerators, and reducing time for toilet flushes, netting even more savings. Clif Bar also was awarded LEED® Platinum Green Building Certification.

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Certification Program

The program is open to EBMUD industrial, commercial, and institutional customers, including commercial landscape irrigators. Businesses and institutions can apply for certification at any time throughout the year. Assessments include water uses in offices and retail trade, food service and hospitality, cleaning and wash down, cooling, industrial process water use, and landscape irrigation.

Certification is awarded to individual sites/facilities or, through an incremental certification process to businesses or institutions with multiple sites/facilities. Certified applicants are invited to an annual recognition event and are granted the use of the WaterSmart logo for display, web posting, and advertising. EBMUD may feature certified businesses in publication materials and online. Certificate recipients will be recognized in June of each year.

Whether or not certification is awarded, participating businesses learn how to reduce operating costs and how to obtain rebates for water efficiency improvements. EBMUD staff complete a water use assessment, recommend cost-effective water saving measures and provide resources for implementing water-efficiency upgrades. WaterSmart Certification is not currently offered to residential customers.

How to Obtain Certification

Introductory Meeting - Review the WaterSmart Business and Commercial Landscape Certification Criteria (Criteria) and identify the facility(ies) and/or site(s) that you wish to be certified. An EBMUD Water Conservation Representative can meet with you to explain the certification criteria and process, and help identify eligible water service accounts and associated water consumption information.

The documents below are PDF files which can be viewed and printed through Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software.

Site Water Use Survey – This is a free service provided by EBMUD and may be completed before or after submitting an application and regardless of certification program participation. An EBMUD Water Conservation Representative will perform a walk through survey of a site's water-using fixtures, equipment, processes and landscape irrigation. Water consumption history is analyzed and recommendations made for water efficiency improvements. A landscape irrigation water budget will be calculated to benchmark outdoor water use. Business personnel needed to complete the site assessment may include a property owner or manager, a facility's operations or plant manager, a plant engineer, or a landscape maintenance contractor. A summary report will be provided upon survey completion.

Implementation – Sites meeting water-efficiency criteria will be certified as WaterSmart or EBMUD staff will notify the business of needed water saving measure implementation. Where water-efficiency improvements are needed, the business may utilize applicable EBMUD financial incentives. A business may implement its own water-saving measures if they are comparable with EBMUD recommendations. The business may implement measures at any time before or after applying to the program. However, one year after applying to the program, revisions and/or updates to certification requirements may become applicable and an additional site assessment may be required. A site visit by EBMUD staff is typically needed to confirm measure implementation.

Application – Complete the brief WaterSmart Business Certification Program application. Each facility or site requires a separate application. The application form is available as a PDF file, which can be downloaded and viewed through Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software. If you would like an application mailed to you please contact EBMUD:

Email waterconservation@ebmud.com
Call 510-287-1900