Consent Decree performance evaluation plan flow and precipitation monitoring

EBMUD is soliciting proposals for flow and precipitation monitoring work to fulfill the Consent Decree Performance Evaluation Plan requirements.

Please respond to this Request for Proposal no later than 4 p.m. on Thursday July 22, 2021. RFP responses are to be e-mailed to the following addresses:

Christopher Dinsmore, Senior Civil Engineer


Tracy Heidersbach, Associate Civil Engineer

Include BOTH addresses in the recipient section of the email response. The electronic RFP response should be in a single file (PDF) format unless the size of the file is greater than 20 MB. In that event, the response may be sent in multiple separate emails, clearly stating that the submittal is 1 of X, 2 of X, etc. All emails must be received prior to the deadline.


 If you have questions regarding this RFP, please send an email to Tracy Heidersbach, Associate Civil Engineer. To ensure a response, questions must be received no later than Sunday, June 27, 2021.