Financial stewardship

Innovating with your dollars

Every day, EBMUD uses your dollars to reinvest in the water and wastewater systems that serve the East Bay. 

We use your money to make smart, sustainable investments for you and future generations. We find ways to save energy and money, reduce greenhouse gasses and ensure our skilled workforce remains safe and on the job. Just as you stretch your dollars at home, we work hard to make every dollar work for you.

Continuing effects of drought

Lawn goodbye2.jpgAt our core, EBMUD provides reliable, high-quality water to our customers and protects the San Francisco Bay by treating the East Bay's wastewater. We operate from our customers' bill payments. 

Though EBMUD's drought emergency is over, our primary source of revenue to cover operational expenses - water sales - has been impacted.

In Fiscal Year 2016, our water sales were budgeted to be 151 million gallons per day (MGD). With the conservation gained from this drought, our customers used just 128.1 MGD.

Fixed versus variable: the budget challenge

Lawn goodbye2-2.jpgThough very good for our water supply and future drinking water needs, conservation reduced our operating funds by $52.9 million. In addition, the drought added operational costs of $23.9 million. The drought surcharge in place during the drought emergency generated $51.8 million.

Your dollars at work

Every dollar you pay to EBMUD goes to the operation and maintenance of our complex water and (if you live in the wastewater service area) wastewater systems. These systems have served the growing population of the East Bay for decades. 

Click down to see how we invest your dollar:

Lawn goodbye2-3.jpg23% of every dollar you invest in EBMUD pays for storage, treatment and delivery of high quality water to 1.4 million people; day-to-day maintenance of water supply and distribution systems; planning and engineering for future water supply; recycled water; and meter reading.

Visit our Construction in my neighborhood page to see which active projects your dollars are funding and learn more about our Pipeline Rebuild initiative that explores innovative approaches to pipeline renewal, such as an airlift of pipes in the Berkeley Hills to save ten times as much time and money to truck pipes.

Another 24% goes toward infrastructure and supplemental water supply. That includes repayment of bonds that have been sold to pay for long-term investments in infrastructure, supplemental water supply and resource recovery.

 Heli-Pipe2.jpg8% of every dollar you invest in EBMUD goes toward the operation and engineering for transport and treatment of facilities that serve more than 600,000 residents; educational outreach on pollution prevention and stormwater infiltration.

In 2016, onsite power generation at EBMUD's Wastewater Plant provided 145% of the plant's energy needs, and we sold the surplus for $1.2 million. At Pardee and Camanche reservoirs, EBMUD generated more than 120,000 megawatt hours of clean hydropower, which we sold for $4.3 million. And we're generating more than 1,800 megawatt hours of photovoltaic power a year.

 Heli-Pipe2-2.jpg2% of every dollar you invest in EBMUD supports customer service, water conservation, public information and outreach, billing and the call center.

Another 3% goes toward human resources, finance, information technology and other internal support services.

Our skilled staff make this system work. Follow us on Twitter @ebmud and learn what it takes to keep us innovating.

 Heli-Pipe2-4.jpg2% of every dollar you invest in EBMUD supports environmentall sound management of nearly 56,000 acres of watershed lands, operation of public recreation and fisheries programs.

We created a 430-acre conservation bank at Oursan Ridge. The sale of conservation bank credits will generate up to $9 million and pay for the $5 million purchase of the 605-acre Carr Ranch. That preserves more than 1,000 acres of pristine watershed land forever.

Learn more about our habitat protection.

 Heli-Pipe2-3.jpg38% of every dollar you invest in EBMUD supports capital improvements and investment payments.

We've saved your money for a not-so-rainy-day. EBMUD's $95 million rate stabilization fund offset the costs of drought. Learn more about our strong financial standing.

Budget and rate calendar

Every two years, EBMUD must examine its budget and rates to ensure funding for our core operations and capital reinvestments. Our last two-year budget, adopted in June 2015, totaled $1.83 billion. Detailed information on budget and our finances is available online at


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