Financial reports

To maintain transparency and ongoing communication with customers and investors, EBMUD produces a variety of financial reports.

The Annual Audited Basic Financial Report includes the independent auditors' report, management's discussion and analysis, basic financial statements, and required supplementary information.

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report combines the Annual Audited Basic Financial Report with unaudited introductory and statistical sections.

The Annual Unaudited Continuing Disclosure Information Report contains operating and financial information that may not be found in the reports above but is required to be reported under the debt covenants. Information includes rates and charges and debt service coverage.

The Unaudited Quarterly Statements include the balance sheet and the statements of revenues, expenses and changes in net assets.

Also available are EBMUD's Quarterly Unaudited Investment Reports, Annual Audited Employees' Retirement System Financial Statements and Annual Audited Joint Power Authorities Financial Statements for the four Joint Powers Authorities in which EBMUD participates. Joint Powers Authorities have a significant relationship with EBMUD but are independently governed; therefore, their annual audited financial reports are presented discretely.

Recent annual audited basic financial statement (1 year)

Document Type Size
FY 2021 Audited Basic Financial Statements PDF 2.0 MB

Archived financial reports

For more information, please contact Andrea Miller, EBMUD Controller,, 510-287-0479.