Ecoregional Approach to Plant Recommendations

Ecoregional Approach to Plant Recommendations

Monday October 5, 2020 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Do you get stumped on which are the best plants to plant together? 

At the next EBMUD Landscape Advisory Committee webinar on October 5, 2020, Andrea Williams, Director of Plant Science with the California Native Plant Society (CNPS), will present on CNPS’s ecological approach to plant recommendations. CNPS has deepened its focus on creating science-based native plant assemblages appropriate for gardens and large landscaped areas. Utilizing Jepson’s subregions, CNPS is developing plant community lists for landscaped areas that support pollinators year-round, host beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife, and conserve water. These specific plant assemblages can greatly improve the health of a wide variety of habitats across the state.
Andrea has 20 years of experience in science-based public lands management,  monitoring rare plants and plant communities, conducting project compliance surveys, mapping and removing invasive plants, and responding to threats such as Phytophthora, climate change, and altered disturbance regimes. Before starting at CNPS, Andrea worked as a Vegetation Ecologist with the Marin Municipal Water District and assisted FireSafe Marin on plant list recommendations. This interactive webinar will include Q/A session, and updates on EBMUD’s water supply and Water Conservation Division programs and projects. 

Event qualifies for CEU's from Irrigation Association, AWWA, ReScape CA, Master Gardeners, and QWEL. The power point presentation will be posted on the Landscape Advisory Committee webpage.


For more information, contact, 510-986-7610.

(photo credit: Jeff Silvia, CNPS website)

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