Overcoming Barriers to Lawn Conversion

Overcoming Barriers to Lawn Conversion

Monday September 20, 2021 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Grass lawns are the largest irrigated crop in the United States and dominate our urban and suburban environments. In California’s arid and Mediterranean climates, turf grass demands 70% more water than climate-appropriate plants (1). To inspire Californians to make the switch, three experts will present ideas on how to remove the barriers and inspire people to convert lawns to climate-appropriate regenerative landscapes.

Panelists will address common push backs such as aesthetic preferences and pet requirements and how to negotiate with a homeowner association. Come with your own success stories to share with the group! This presentation will also include an EBMUD water supply update and information on new EBMUD landscape rebates. Panelists include: Ann-Marie Benz, California Native Plant Society Horticultural Outreach Manager; Lou Bendon, Flycatcher Marketing President; and Rebecca Pollon, Rossmoor Landscape Manager.

This event qualifies for CEU's from Irrigation Association, AWWA, ReScape CA, Master Gardeners, and QWEL.


For more information contact: Kristin.Bowman@ebmud.com, 510-986-7610.

  1.  Woodard, Jessica. 2019. Master Thesis “ Mainstreaming Sustainable Landscapes in East Bay Municipal Utility District.