Trenchless Pipe Renewal

With 4,200 miles of pipes, we are constantly on the move upgrading and rehabilitating vital water mains. Pipeline Rebuild is intended to increase our replacement rate from 10 miles to 40 miles per year. EBMUD’s crews are using advanced technologies to renew and replace aging pipes to deliver higher system performance in a way that is sustainable, cost effective and less disruptive to our communities. 

Replacing aging pipes

Across the nation, leaks and breaks in aging water distribution systems are occurring more frequently. As pipes age, they can be more susceptible to cracking, corroding and even bursting. As our infrastructure continues to age, decisions about where and how to increase investments in water and wastewater systems will shape our community's legacy. 

Scope of work

From April to August 2016, EBMUD crews worked in Richmond, San Pablo, and Walnut Creek to renew older pipes using a technology called Aqua-Pipe®, a trenchless method that injects a structural liner into older pipes, extending the life of the pipeline. This method was used on water mains in Lafayette from May to September 2017.

Rather than digging an open trench the length of the pipeline, a liner was installed via excavated access pits about 500-feet apart along the existing pipeline. This technique is faster than conventional pipe installation, less disruptive and has fewer impacts to neighbors.

Workplan and schedule 

Lafayette: February 2017 - August 2017 (Complete) 
Location: Upper Happy Valley Road 

Walnut Creek: June - September 2016 (Complete) 
Location: El Camino Corto, San Miguel Drive and Blackwood Drive 

Richmond: April - June 2016 (Complete)
Location: Marina Bay Parkway at Regatta Boulevard 

San Pablo: April - July 2016 (Complete)  

Location: Glenn Avenue, Joel Court and Amador Street


David Katzev, Project Manager 
phone: 510-287-2050

Sharla Sullivan, Community Affairs Representative (Richmond and San Pablo)
phone: 510-287-7208

Kathryn Horn, Community Affairs Representative (Lafayette and Walnut Creek)
phone: 510-287-2053