Summit Reservoir Replacement

Summit Reservoir, Kensington & Berkeley

Summit Reservoir, Kensington & Berkeley

EBMUD is replacing the Summit Reservoir, located in Berkeley and Kensington. The reservoir was built in the 1890s and has had several upgrades that extended its life. Now the existing reservoir needs to be replaced. Planning studies call for one 3.5 million gallon water tank within the footprint of the existing reservoir basin. A new flow control valve which allows access to additional storage in nearby Woods Reservoir will be constructed for the project. The new tank at Summit, when combined with the tank at Woods Reservoir (3.1 million gallons) will provide about 6.6 million gallons of storage. Two pumping plants on the western side of the site have reached the end of their useful lives and will be replaced.

Workplan and schedule

The Summit Reservoir Replacement Project construction started in late 2014 and major work to complete the new tank and landscaping will continue through the end of 2017 with Shasta/Woods pumping plant work to complete in  fall 2018. Temporary facilities have been installed to serve water to the area during the replacement of the Summit Reservoir and will remain in place until the new pumping plant is online.

Contact information

Sharla Sullivan, Community Affairs Representative
Phone: 510-287-7208

Emergencies or after-hours, call EBMUD at 866-403-2683.

Published studies and other resources

The Draft EIR, design illustration, and video showing the preferred design alternative are available below. The Final EIR includes both the Draft EIR and Responses to Comments.