Panoramic Hill improvements

Panoramic Hill street closures map

Panoramic Hill street closures map

EBMUD is planning to replace University Reservoir, built in 1963, University Pumping Plant, built in 1906, and approximately 7,300 feet of pipe in the Panoramic Hill neighborhood in Berkeley and Oakland. These facilities are at the end of their useful life and do not meet current standards. A majority of the pipelines were installed prior to or in the 1940s. The pipes are made of unlined cast iron, and many have a leak history that makes them eligible for replacement. This work will increase both water reliability and operating efficiency in your neighborhood.

EBMUD has worked closely with the cities of Berkeley and Oakland and their respective Fire Departments during the planning design and construction of this project. Four public meetings have been held regarding the reservoir, pipeline sand pumping plant.

Workplan and schedule 

The street closures shown in the adjacent map will be segmented based on work load so portions of it could be open while other portions are closed.

EBMUD Pipeline Replacements: Construction is near completion as crews are currently performing final punch-list items.

EBMUD University Reservoir Replacement: Construction of the first tank is complete. We are currently working with City of Berkeley to coordinate the construction of the second tank with the City's paving schedule.

EBMUD University Pumping Plant Replacement: Design is complete.   We are currently working with City of Berkeley to coordinate the construction schedule with the City's paving schedule.

Published studies and other resources

Pipes in the sky

As part of the Panoramic Hill Improvements Project, EBMUD has completed two days of helicopter operations. This method of pipe delivery was a first for EBMUD, reducing community impacts and saving approximately 90 days worth of work in the streets.

The two deliveries took place in September 2016 and April 2017, delivering a total of approximately 6,900 feet of pipe to the top of the hill.

Helicopter delivery eliminated the challenge of delivering pipes via the narrow, winding roads of the Berkeley Hills. Usually, standard 40-foot-long pipes would have to be cut in half before delivery via truck through the neighborhood. Once the pipes arrived to the job site, crews would have to fuse the pipes back together before putting them in the ground.

EBMUD is constantly innovating on the best practices and materials to upgrade our aging infrastructure. Learn more about the EBMUD Pipeline Rebuild program, a new approach to replacing old pipes.


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