Almond Pumping Plant replacement and associated projects

Almond Pumping Plant Replacement and Associated Projects

Almond Pumping Plant Replacement and Associated Projects

In 2017, EBMUD completed upgrades at an EBMUD site near President Drive and 174th Avenue in Castro Valley. The full name of this project is Almond Pumping Plant and Associated Pipeline Improvements, El Portal Reservoir Rehabilitation and New South 30 Rate Control Station.

EBMUD upgraded aging infrastructure that had reached the end of its service life, and will improve water service reliability and flexibility. This project included:

  • Replacing the Almond Pumping Plant in its existing location
  • Installing 1,500 feet of 36-inch pipeline in neighborhood streets
  • Installing a new South 30 Rate Control Station (within the new pumping plant structure)
  • Rehabilitating the El Portal Reservoir

Workplan and schedule

Project construction was completed in 2016 and final paving of streets was completed in February 2017. The project will reach full completion in fall 2017.


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