El Cerrito and Richmond Pipelines

Pipeline Map

Wildcat (El Cerrito) and Central PZ (El Cerrito/Richmond) Pipeline Map

EBMUD is proposing to install two pipelines in the San Pablo Avenue area of El Cerrito and Richmond.

Wildcat Pipeline (El Cerrito)

The first planned pipeline is 36-inches in diameter, and will move large amounts of water through the existing Wildcat Pipeline. This pipeline serves customers from El Cerrito to Crockett. The preferred route would result in a 13,500 foot-long pipe that would connect to existing pipelines on San Carlos Avenue/Lynn Avenue to Liberty Street/Hill Street in El Cerrito.

Central Pressure Zone Pipeline (El Cerrito/Richmond)

The second pipeline is a new 36-inch transmission pipeline that serves the Central Pressure Zone in cities along San Francisco Bay. The new pipeline would be about 13,000 feet long and would connect to existing pipelines on Nevin Avenue in Richmond and Central Avenue in El Cerrito.

Workplan schedule

Construction of the Wildcat Pipeline in El Cerrito is expected to begin in 2021.

Construction of the Central Pressure Zone Pipeline in El Cerrito and Richmond is expected to begin in 2027.

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