Upper Happy Valley neighborhood pipeline replacements


Pipe replacements on Upper Happy Valley neighborhood streets

In 2017, EBMUD crews renewed water pipelines on Upper Happy Valley Road (entire length), Rahara Drive (from Los Arabis Drive to Upper Happy Valley Road), Natasha Drive, Los Arabis Drive (from Upper Happy Valley to the west end), and South Peardale Drive (from Upper Happy Valley to North Peardale Drive) and Tilden Lane in Lafayette - over 16,000 feet of pipe in all.

Most pipes were replaced by conventional, open-trench, methods, but EBMUD renewed the water main on Upper Happy Valley Road using a technology called Aqua-Pipe®, a trenchless method that injects a structural liner into older pipes, extending the life of the pipeline. Rather than digging an open trench the length of Upper happy Valley Road, the liner was installed via excavated access pits about 300-feet apart along the existing pipeline. The goal with this new method was to be faster than conventional pipe installation, less disruptive and present fewer impacts to neighbors.


Kathryn Horn, Community Affairs Representative
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Tim Harris, Superintendent 
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David Katzev, Project Manager 
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