Trench soils removal project

EBMUD crews will begin removing accumulated soils from our Briones storage site off of Bear Creek Road.

EBMUD continually generates trench soils as a result of construction projects and pipeline repairs, and uses storage sites like Briones on an ongoing basis to temporarily store the soil until their ultimate reuse or disposal. The Briones site has reached capacity and soils must be moved to allow for continued use.

Schedule and hauling route 

Trucks will haul soil starting Tuesday, April 24 through October 2018. Typical work hours are from 7:00 a.m and end at 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Trucks hauling soil to a site in Livermore will travel eastbound on Bear Creek Road toward Camino Pablo to access Highway 24 and will return on this same route. 

EBMUD is communicating with local cycling groups and other affected stakeholders, as well as local law enforcement regarding temporary increases in truck traffic.

Briones Trails   

A portion of Oursan Trail within Briones Reservoir will be re-routed during this time.

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Contact information

Kathryn Horn, Community Affairs
Phone: 510-287-2053

Emergencies or after-hours, call EBMUD at 866-403-2683