Round Hill Reservoir Maintenance

Round Hill Pic #2.jpgEBMUD is rehabilitating the Round Hill reservoir located off Oakshire Place in Alamo. The reservoir was built in 1981 and the reservoir coatings are at the end of their lifespan. This maintenance project will extend the life of the reservoir. The work includes re-coating the interior and exterior of the reservoir, building a new roof and stairs and upgrading electrical and mechanical equipment. The existing wood screen will be removed.

EBMUD must first install a temporary tank to serve the community. The temporary tank will require EBMUD to grade the area adjacent to the reservoir, install a foundation and move the radio equipment that is in the way to the property's southeastern corner. 

Workplan and schedule

Work is scheduled for completion in January 2018. Work hours are typically 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Crews may not be at Round Hill all day, everyday as they are working at multiple sites. 

You will see a temporary increase in traffic during construction. Residents may also notice a temporary increase in construction-related noise during work hours. This will not impact your water service. 


Kathryn Horn, Community Affairs Representative
Phone: 510-287-2053

Emergencies or after-hours, call EBMUD at 866-403-2683.