Happy Valley Pipeline Phase II

Happy Valley Pipeline Phase II

Happy Valley Pipeline Phase II

EBMUD is improving the water system to meet existing and future demands in the areas of Orinda and Lafayette served by Happy Valley Reservoir. At this time, there is not adequate capacity to meet maximum-day demands.

The Happy Valley Pipeline Project consists of two phases. Phase I was completed in summer 2009 and included the portion of the pipeline in Miner Road from Oak Arbor Road to Lombardy Lane in Orinda.

Phase II consists of 3,300 feet of new pipeline starting at the Miner Road/Lombardy Lane intersection, where Phase I ended. The new pipeline will follow Miner Road to an existing EBMUD easement that crosses Lauterwasser Creek and then follow Van Ripper Lane to Lombardy Lane.

The Phase II alignment was approved following preparation, distribution, and certification of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report in March 2011. This alignment, shown here and in the PDF file below, was selected after study of several possible alternatives to the original approved alignment, which was on Lombardy Lane.

The Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for the Phase II pipeline route was approved by the EBMUD Board of Directors March 8, 2011. The Final SEIR consists of the Draft SEIR and the Responses to Comments document.

Workplan and schedule

Construction of the Phase II pipeline is planned for summer 2022. 

Open trench construction is proposed for the roadway segments of the pipeline. Within the EBMUD easement on both sides of Lauterwasser Creek, a combination of construction methods is proposed, including open trench excavation with a small excavator and/or pipe bursting and hand digging.

Contact information

Kathryn Horn, Community Affairs Representative
Email: kathryn.horn@ebmud.com
Phone: 510-407-2710

For after-hours, call EBMUD at 866-403-2683.

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Published studies and other resources

The Happy Valley Pumping Plant and Pipeline Project is an element of the Water Treatment and Transmission Program. The EIR for the WTTIP was certified by the EBMUD Board of Directors in December 2006. The draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) is available below.