Estates Reservoir Replacement

Estates Reservoir Replacement

Estates Reservoir Replacement

EBMUD replaced the Estates Reservoir Dam, which is located in Oakland on Estates Drive between Bullard Drive and McAndrew Drive, with two new concrete tanks. The new reservoirs improve water quality and meet current seismic standards. EBMUD built the two small water storage tanks within the footprint of the old Estates Reservoir site and installed new landscaping. This work is part of a long-range program to upgrade water distribution facilities in the Central Oakland Hills south of Highway 24 and north of the Oakland/San Leandro border.

In January 2010, the EBMUD Board of Directors approved the Estates Reservoir Replacement Project and certified the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). A supplemental EIR was prepared to modify the project to include the removal of some trees and changes to the pedestrian path in the Fall of 2013. The EBMUD Board of Directors adopted the Final Supplemental EIR on December 10, 2013. All of the environmental documents are available for download below in the Published Studies and Other Resources section.

Workplan and Schedule

The Estates construction project is complete. 

Contact Information

Community Affairs
Phone: 510-287-0151

Published Studies and Other Resources

A site map is shown below. Resources available on this project include seismic studies and documents prepared in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.