3rd Street sewer interceptor rehabilitation project

527-3rd-St-Interceptor-Rehab-02-2017-DETAIL.jpgThe East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) operates large sewer interceptors to collect and treat the wastewater from Oakland businesses and residents, which provides a vital service to protect public health and San Francisco Bay.

In summer 2017, EBMUD began an initial phase of work to rehabilitate the 3rd Street sewer interceptor. This large, 105-inch diameter pipe is approximately 60 years old and needs repair to address severe corrosion issues.

EBMUD will continue the rehabilitation effort starting in April of 2018.

The sewer is located underground at Wood Street and 8th Street, and runs behind the Post Office, to Peralta Street and 3rd Street in Oakland. The repair work must be initiated during the early morning when sewer flows are low.

What to expect

Work will be performed underground and inside the pipe with some construction support activities taking place above ground near manholes in the street (see “Work Areas” on map). During construction, EBMUD will minimize the potential for noise impacts by muffling construction equipment, traffic impacts by minimizing road closures, and potential odors by installing a carbon filter to treat air from the interceptor. The intersection of 3rd Street and Peralta Street will be fully closed for the duration of the project.

Schedules are subject to change. Equipment and materials will be located in the neighborhood at specified staging locations.

Workplan and schedule

Work will take place from April 2018 to November 2018. Work times will be Monday to Friday from 5am to 3pm. Information on the second phase of the project will be provided in 2019.

Contact information

Ben Glickstein, Community Affairs Representative
E-mail: ben.glickstein@ebmud.com
Phone: 510-287-1631

Learn More

Watch a short video to learn more about the tools and technologies EBMUD is using to rehabilitate the 3rd Street Interceptor.