3rd Street Sewer Interceptor Rehabilitation Project Phase 2

Project Details

EBMUD will rehabilitate more than 4,000 feet of large pipe along 3rd Street in Oakland because it is 60 years old and heavily corroded. EBMUD will use a trenchless method where new pipe segments measuring eight feet in diameter are inserted into the existing pipe through strategically-located pits. This minimizes excavation, odors, dust, and construction traffic.

The main pit on 3rd Street near Union Street will be too wide to accommodate traffic, but traffic lanes will remain open around the pit near Filbert and on Myrtle.

Workplan and schedule   
3rd Street Interceptor Rehab Phase 2 Map

For approximately eight months between February 19 and the end of October, the road will be closed to through-traffic between 3rd Street/Adeline Street and Mandela Parkway/5th Street (orange area on map). During this time EBMUD will maintain access for all local businesses, pedestrian through-access as well as marked detour routes for drivers (red lines on map).

From February to November, EBMUD will also re-align lanes to maintain through-traffic around a pit near Filbert Street. Parking will be unavailable in the blue areas shown on the map, and lanes will be designated for shared automobile and bicycle use. Flaggers will also direct traffic on Myrtle Street one direction at a time between 3rd Street and the train tracks.


Frequently asked questions  

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