Water Conservation Master Plan

Water Conservation Master Plan

To meet water needs for the next generation, EBMUD conservatively manages the water system and works with customers to reduce the demand for water.

The 2011 update to EBMUD's Water Conservation Master Plan (WCMP) summarizes EBMUD's comprehensive water conservation strategies and initiatives to promote water conservation. The WCMP presents an overview of EBMUD water demand, water savings, and future conservation and drought response plans. Its 10-year implementation schedule is consistent with water demand reduction targets established by the Urban Water Management Planning Act, the Water Conservation Act of 2009, and Statewide Memorandum of Understanding for Urban Water Conservation.

If you have any questions about the WCMP 2011, please contact:

Richard Harris, Manager of Water Conservation
Email: rharris@ebmud.com
Phone: (510) 287-1675

To request a print copy or CD of the WCMP 2011:

Lauren de Boer
Email: ldeboer@ebmud.com
Phone: (510) 287-7075

The WCMP 2011 is available below as a PDF file, which can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software.

To view or print the Executive Summary, please select “Executive Summary” in the index, and print pages 1 through 12.