Rates and Charges

Water and wastewater rates support the work EBMUD does to bring you high-quality, reliable service. Rates are reviewed annually by EBMUD's Board of Directors, and typically go into effect July 1.

EBMUD Budget and Rates

Public Hearing: General Manager's Report on Proposed Fiscal Year 2015 Rates and Charges

Every two years, as part of the biennial budgeting process, EBMUD considers and adopts the budget, rates and charges for the next two fiscal years. In addition to the rates adopted as part of this biennial process, some rates are updated annually.

A public hearing is scheduled to consider the Report and Recommendation of the General Manager for proposed revisions to the Water System Capacity Charge and the Wastewater Capacity Fee, changes to the Wastewater Resource Recovery Rate Schedule, increases to the Public Records Act Fee and Daily Trail Permit Fee, and an update to a Water System Regulation on major facility capacity calculations. The proposed revisions to the FY15 rates, charges, fees and regulations are not subject to Proposition 218 requirements and comply with Municipal Utility District Act requirements.

Following a public hearing on June 11, 2013, the EBMUD Board of Directors approved rate increases necessary to maintain critical infrastructure and to deliver the best drinking water to East Bay customers. EBMUD water rates remain among the lowest in the Bay Area. Of the 13 local water agencies surveyed, EBMUD's rates are lower than eight of them.

Water Rates

Explanation of water rates and charges.

Wastewater Rates

Explanation of wastewater rates and charges.

Rates and Fees Schedules

Complete list of water, wastewater, administrative and recreation rates, charges and fees.