Homeowners associations (HOAs)


EBMUD offers free water saving tools and services for managers, staff and residents of HOAs. Thank you for your efforts to conserve.

WaterSmart Home Surveys

Free home survey kits include information on how to check for leaks and flow rates, water-saving devices (as needed), instructions on how to read a water meter, and recommendations for water efficiency. We'll conduct an on-site survey for multi-family complexes larger than four units.

Landscape Water Budgets

Water budgets inform property managers about how efficiently water is being used in the landscape. Daily reports based on consumption and budget data are emailed directly to irrigation managers. Budgets are free to HOAs with irrigation meters.

Water-Saving Devices

Free faucet aerators, showerheads and hoze nozzles are available, as needed, to replace old devices.


Lawn Conversion and Irrigation Upgrades

Multi-family properties: up to $20,000 for 5 units or more; up to $2,500 for 4 units or less (includes drip irrigation, high-efficiency nozzles, pressure regulators, submeters and lawn conversion.)


Save money and the environment with high-efficiency commercial washers. Replacing conventional clothes washers with high-efficiency washers can cut water and energy use in half, saving money with every load. They also use less detergent, which is good for the environment, and reduce drying times, which saves energy. See Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate Program for more information.


Installation of High Efficiency Toilets (1.28gpf or lower) and High Efficiency Urinals (0.125gpf) may be eligible for a custom rebate. Partial retrofit projects will be at the discretion of EBMUD and a minimum of 5 fixtures must be upgraded to qualify. If more than 7 toilet/fixtures are being replaced, EBMUD reserves the right to do a pre-inspection as a condition of the rebate. See Customized Rebates for more information.

Nine Water Saving Tips for HOAs

From finding and fixing leaks to educating residents and staff on watering and rebates, these tips will help you be WaterSmart.

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Water Saving Tips for HOAs PDF 2.0 MB

State laws affecting HOAs and Landscaping

See the list below for information on state legislation regarding HOAs and landscaping.

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HOAs and Landscaping - State Laws Enacted PDF <1 MB

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