Free conservation items

It's easy to save water with free water conserving faucets, aerators, showerheads and hose nozzles. Businesses may request free drought items to encourage their customers to conserve.

Devices Available




Kitchen Faucet Aerators



Bathroom Faucet Aerators



Hose Nozzle

(select any one of 5 sprays, from full force to mist)


Dye Tablets

(test for toilet leaks)


Shower Diverter

(Shut-off valve)


Pre-rinse Spray Nozzle

(for restaurants and institutional kitchens)



Water Conservation Mirror Cling

(for commercial only)

Commercial Water Conservation Signs cropped.jpg 

To request devices

  • If you are a resident, complete and return a Home Survey. The Survey will help you determine what devices need. They will be mailed to you.
  • or, pick up the devices at:
    EBMUD - Administration Building (Service Center in First Floor Lobby)
    375 11th Street, Oakland
    Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • If you are a commercial entity, call or email to request devices.


  • Single-family accounts: One kitchen faucet aerator and one hose nozzle; two per account for other devices.
  • Multi-family accounts: ten each per device type and one set of devices per dwelling unit. You must own the property or have the water account in your name.
  • One lifetime distribution per account. If you have previously received devices for a property, you are no longer eligible for that property.
  • Pre-rinse spray nozzles and water conservation mirror clings are available to businesses only.

Contact us

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