Biosolids are nutrient rich, organic byproducts of wastewater treatment. EBMUD’s biosolids are highly processed, regularly monitored, and tested to ensure that they meet or surpass the strict quality and safety standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, State of California and local governments.

EBMUD completed a Solids Management Implementation Plan in 1993 and began land application of biosolids in 1994. Currently, all biosolids produced by EBMUD (60,000 to 70,000 wet tons per year) are beneficially reused as a soil amendment at nearby non-food crop farm sites and as alternative daily cover at local landfills.

In 2004, EBMUD developed a Biosolids Master Plan that assessed cost-effective beneficial uses of biosolids over the next ten to twenty years. In 2005, EBMUD developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) to further improve the effectiveness of our biosolids management program by focusing on environmental improvements, cost savings, and regulatory compliance. An important goal of the EMS is to increase public awareness and involvement in our biosolids management program. In September 2006, EBMUD received certification of its Biosolids EMS from the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP), and in October 2007, EBMUD became the first agency in Northern California to receive Platinum Certification of its Biosolids EMS. Since the start of the Biosolids EMS, EBMUD has successfully passed five annual third-party interim audits. EBMUD successfully completed a full-program reverification audit in October 2011 and our program was recertified by NBP for another five-year cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions about EBMUD’s Biosolids

EBMUD's EMS Program

For more information on EBMUD’s biosolids management program, contact Alicia Chakrabarti at or (510) 287-2059.