WaterSmart Irrigation Programs

Inefficient Watering
Watersmart irrigation programs help prevent inefficient watering of large landscapes

WaterSmart On-Site Surveys

Free on-site surveys are available to commercial customers with large landscapes to help them more efficiently manage their irrigation water use. A typical irrigation survey includes:

  • Water use evaluation, both past and present
  • Irrigation equipment inspection and tests (i.e., sprinklers, controllers, drip lines)
  • Mapping of irrigation zones and equipment
  • Training in water efficient irrigation, including a watering schedule
  • Determination of eligibility for an Irrigation Upgrade Program
  • Creation of a water budget report (irrigation-only meters)
  • Water savings recommendations

To request a WaterSmart commercial irrigation survey, call 1-866-403-2683 or email waterconservation@ebmud.com.

Lawn Conversion and Irrigation Rebates

EBMUD’s is here to help with six outdoor rebates for qualifying EBMUD customers. 

  1. Lawn and pool conversions
  2. Drip irrigation conversions
  3. High-efficiency nozzles
  4. Self-adjusting irrigation controllers
  5. Pressure regulators
  6. Irrigation submeters

Up to $2,500 (single-family homes and multi-family residences of 4 units or less)
Up to $20,000 (commercial sites and multi-family residences of 5 or more units)

Water Budgets for Commercial Customers

How much water does your landscape need? EBMUD provides irrigation water budgets based on actual irrigated area and weather data for each billing period. Free for irrigation-only customers.

Irrigation Success Stories

Find out how some customers realized significant savings in water and money through EBMUD's irrigation programs. 

Commercial Irrigation Water Conservation Tips

Water efficient landscaping, watering schedules, equipment upgrades, and more.