Commercial Conservation Rebates and Services

Commercial, industrial and institutional water savings
EBMUD offers rebates and services to help businesses save water

Lower your organization's water, energy, and landscape maintenance costs by making your organization more water efficient. EBMUD's water conservation incentives and services are designed to help.

Services & Tools

Water Surveys for Businesses

Free on-site water use surveys are tailored to your business, industry, or institution and designed to help you to be more water wise and cost effective.

NEW! Drought Items Available

Restaurants, hotels, and businesses can remind customers to conserve with free linen change cards, shower clings, dining table cards and more.

WaterSmart Business Certification Program

Find out how WaterSmart certification can help make your business more water efficient and improve your bottom line.

WaterSmart Guidebook

Detailed information on water-saving technologies are available for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers, both for new designs and retrofits.

Water Budgets for Commercial Customers

How much water does your landscape need? EBMUD provides irrigation water budgets based on actual irrigated area and weather data for each billing period. The water budget program is free for irrigation-only customers.

Customer Authorization to Share Water Use Information

Use the form below to authorize your landscape contractor or other third party to receive account information that will help you manage your water consumption. You can fill out the form online, print, sign, and mail to EBMUD.


Toilet Rebates

Your business or institution may qualify for rebates up to $50 per toilet on the purchase of WaterSmart High-Efficient Toilets (HET).

Commercial Clothes Washer Rebates

Save water, energy, and money with a high-efficiency clothes washer rebate of up to $125 per qualifying washer.

Lawn Conversion & Irrigation Upgrade Rebates

Get up to $20,000 for converting lawns and upgrading irrigation equipment at commercial sites and multi-family residences of 5 or more units.

Commercial Irrigation Rebates and Services

Information, surveys and rebates for all large-landscape customers in the EBMUD service area.

Customized Rebates

Your business or institution may be eligible for a customized rebate on the purchase of any equipment or hardware change that improves water efficiency.

Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzle Program

For a limited time, EBMUD will replace high-water use spray nozzle(s) with water-efficient models that can save you water and money. For restaurants, institutions, and commercial facilities.

Water Broom Program

Your business or institution may qualify for rebates up to $150 on the purchase of a WaterSmart High-Efficient Water Broom.

Learn & Connect

Join Us

Events, workshops, and classes that will keep you up to date on the latest water-efficient ideas, practices, and technologies.

Water Conservation Publications

"How-to" publications, school materials, EBMUD's Water Conservation Plan, and our award-winning gardening book Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates.

Organizations & Community Resources

Links to EBMUD's water conservation partners, cooperating organizations, and other key community resources.

Research & Development

Comprehensive studies, reports, and information on emerging technologies and methodologies within the water efficiency field.

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Report Water Waste

Please let us know about any water waste in your area.

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Your resource for services and incentives for home and business, publications, workshops and events, and more.

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