Commercial & Industrial Waste

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EBMUD Staff Ensure Permit Compliance

Through its pretreatment and pollution prevention programs, EBMUD works with industries and commercial businesses to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the community sewer and ultimately San Francisco Bay.


EBMUD issues several types of discharge permits: Industrial facilities, Groundwater, Short-term and limited volume (Special Discharge), and Estimated wastewater volume. For assistance in wastewater permitting needs, please call (510) 287-1651.

Commercial Pollution Prevention Program

EBMUD requires certain businesses to implement best managment practices to reduce pollution and to ensure Bay protection. For assistance in the requirements call (510) 287-1651.

Commercial Waste Treatment FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about commercial waste treatment, and see the list of public entities that own or operate wastewater collection systems within the EBMUD wastewater service area.

Resource Recovery (Trucked Waste)

A variety of waste can be permitted and treated at the wastewater treatment upon receiving a permit. For assistance in the requirements call (510) 287-1336.

Wastewater Control Ordinance & Discharge Limits

EBMUDs Wastewater Control Ordinance provides legal authority for EBMUD to implement the pretreatment program. The ordinance establishes regulations and charges for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater, and penalties for violations. The ordinance also establishes discharge limits for certain pollutants. In addition to EBMUD's limits, the District enforces EPA discharge limits that apply to specific industries.

Wastewater Rates, Charges and Fees

Permit fees, permit monitoring and testing charges, wastewater treatment rates, service charges, capacity fees, waste minimization fee and wet weather fee can be found on this page.

Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention Report

This annual report details information about permitted facilities and pretreatment and pollution prevention efforts.