Recycled Water

Recycled Water

EBMUD's mission is to reliably provide water of the highest possible quality to its 1.3 million East Bay customers. EBMUD's primary source, the Mokelumne River, serves EBMUD in wet and normal years, but supplies are limited in dry years. EBMUD uses water recycling as one way to help reduce the need for additional potable water supplies and to diminish the severity of water rationing during droughts.

About Recycled Water

Find out more about recycled water.


Learn about projects that currently provide recycled water, and those planned to meet future needs.  

Current Recycled Water Users
Projects Under Construction
Long-term Recycled Water Planning

Recycled Water Customer Corner

This section provides forms and other information of use to EBMUD's recycled water customers.

Recycled Water Truck Program

EBMUD provides free recycled water to trucks for construction and other non-potable purposes.

Recycled Water for Residential Landscape Irrigation

For EBMUD customers interested in picking up free drought emergency recycled water, please consider conveniently-located programs operated by two of our partner agencies:

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District - (Free recycled water offered to CCCSD residential customers only. Eligible communities include Alamo, Blackhawk, Clayton, Concord, Clyde, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Orinda, Pacheco, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and other Central County unincorporated areas within the CCCSD service area.) 

Dublin San Ramon Services District  - (Available to all residents.)

Non-Potable Water

Learn about how EBMUD uses untreated water.


Graywater is not recycled water from a centralized treatment facility but involves reusing certain waste water at residences that have been equipped with an approved graywater system. EBMUD offers customized incentives for permitted graywater systems. For more information about graywater please email EBMUD's Water Conservation Office.