See Scott save

See Scott Save

Scott.jpgScott is a Water Conservation Representative at EBMUD and has dedicated his career to helping individuals, companies and landscape professionals become better stewards of our precious resource: water.

As an experienced landscape architect, 18 years ago he designed a water efficient landscape and irrigation plan for an East Bay homeowners association who installed significant upgrades to improve their outdoor water use and got an EBMUD rebate for their efforts.

“It may be easy to glue pipes together, but it’s challenging to create an efficient design.”

Scott appreciated the District’s efforts to spur on conservation-—and that’s when he decided to work for EBMUD.

Now, Scott leads an EBMUD partnership with landscape industry professionals who share the same passion: engaging and teaching others about water efficiency. He reviews plans for new construction to ensure they meet strict guidelines and leads workshops for do-it-yourselfers and professionals on drip irrigation and irrigation scheduling.

“Water conserving landscapes benefit us in more ways than saving water. They can add habitat, improve air and water quality plus save energy.”

Scott never tires of looking for a better way.

“I want to connect with people to share what I know, to learn together, and to help the environment.”

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