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Manage your EBMUD account online for faster service.

Start/Stop Service

For established homes, apartments or businesses.

Service Application for New Construction

Initiate new service requests.

Water Pressure and Hydrant Flow Information

Request information easily online.


Complete Recreation Information

Listings for East Bay and Sierra Foothills.

Wastewater and Bay Protection

EBMUD to fulfill EPA requirements

We can protect San Francisco Bay by repairing old, cracked sewer pipes.

A Clean Bay Begins with You

Help keep pollutants out of San Francisco Bay.

Wastewater Treatment and Sewers 

Commercial and residential waste treatment, permits, programs and rates.



Update on Oakland cement spill

Project Updates

Construction Projects

Check here for the latest information on current and planned projects.

Our Water

Drought 2015

EBMUD declared a Stage 4 critical drought and set a community-wide goal to reduce water use 20% compared to 2013. To achieve this goal, EBMUD adopted new water use rules that affect all customers. Learn about the new rules in effect

Automated calls are currently being made to customers, asking everyone to abide by the watering restrictions and limit indoor use to 35 gallons per person per day.

Report water waste here.

Water Quality

Learn how EBMUD ensures great water quality for its customers.


WaterSmart Center

Cut back your water use 20 percent or more with water-saving rebates, tips and devices.

NEW! Drought Items Available

Restaurants, hotels and businesses can remind customers to conserve with free linen change cards, shower clings, dining table cards and more.

Energy Conservation at EBMUD

EBMUD develops renewable energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.